About Us

With the initiative of the Aeonian group, the Miss Mee India beauty pageant has been introduced. We have very active and incentivized youth who are resolute to make this event immensely massive. From being a foundation of stimulation and assurance to being a beacon of anticipation and experience for innumerable youthful women, the Miss Mee India pageant has been initiated. The aim of this pageant show is to Educate Men, Save Girl and Empower women. In this, we bestow the contestants to make their own decisions independently and pursue a good and prosperous vocation and will be able to influence millions of people in every way.

Our Vision

We are probing for a puerile, very flexible candidate who can prosperously convert any adverse conditions into constructive ones. Our conception is to find a girl, who just can't put it on her physical resplendency and self-confidence, but additionally would work in cognition to community development.


All of us who work here as teamwork to do the same mission- to find a face who can pull herself off. She has to be ebullient about her to make transmutations in the system the world to better and ameliorate the lives of millions by being a positive impact on them.